PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Providence police have a suspect in custody after an 85-year-old woman was hit and killed by a vehicle early Wednesday morning.

Police allege 27-year-old Caitlin Kelly drove off after hitting the victim at the intersection of North Main and Pleasant streets around 6:15 a.m.

The victim, Vanda Makovetskiy, was clipped by the car as she was stepping up onto the curb after crossing North Main, according to her son-in-law, Mike Deshaies. She and her 93-year-old husband live nearby and were out for their daily walk.

Deshaies said his father-in-law wasn’t injured in the collision, but he’s now heartbroken.

“His life has been changed forever,” he said. “He’s been crying. His whole world has been completely shattered.”

The family was “shocked and outraged” the driver didn’t stop, Deshaies added.

Kelly is charged with duty to stop in accidents resulting in personal injury. Police said she’s being held until the next district court session.

Providence hit-and-run suspect Caitlin Kelly

Kelly was also issued a citation for failing to report the crash.

This was the second deadly hit-and-run crash at that location this year. Back in February, 38-year-old Zacory Richardson was hit and killed by a driver who was later charged.

Providence Mayor Brett Smiley said the city is working on ways to combat reckless driving in the area. He acknowledged that adjustments must be made to keep people safe, saying his administration has a “real focus on pedestrian safety.”

“Things like clearer crosswalks,” he said. “And North Main Street, for example, the timing isn’t right, so the walk signal actually isn’t enough time for a reasonable person to get across the street.”

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