PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Cantor Dr. Brian Mayer is on a mission.

That mission is to raise enough money to purchase ceramic body armor vests for soldiers serving in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

Mayer, who has served as cantor at Temple Emanu-El since 1989, is well aware of the struggles Israeli forces are currently facing following Hamas’ unprecedented attack.

His two sons, ages 19 and 27, serve in the IDF, and have requested his assistance in procuring 85 protective vests for soldiers in two specific battalions.

“I am privy to on the ground information,” Mayer said. “This emergency fundraising effort … I would have never even though of doing it had my son not found out from friends in two battalions.”

Though his sons are not directly in harm’s way, Mayer is determined to help them protect their comrades in arms.

“My son told me he has friends who have been on assignments and have had to go out into danger without the proper body armor,” he said.

Mayer said one of the battalions, made up of 55 soldiers, has no body armor, while the other only has 10 protective vests for 40 soldiers.

There is currently a bottleneck in the distribution of protective vests that have been donated to Israel from overseas, according to Mayer. He is looking to raise approximately $70,000 in four days, in hopes that the vests will be delivered prior to Israel’s eventual invasion of the Gaza Strip.

That money will be used to purchase the vests from the Tsahal Equipment Company, which Mayer said is located in Israel and has the means to ship them directly to soldiers on the front lines.

Those who wish to donate to the Israeli Body Armor Fund can do so by clicking here.