PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The number of women in the trade industry is growing.

The Providence Career and Technical Academy (PCTA) celebrated the next generation of female trade workers Wednesday. Currently, there are 14 junior and senior girls enrolled at PCTA.

Ashley Morales is one of two young women in PCTA’s HVAC program.

“I have to deal with refrigeration, how to raise ductwork,” Morales explained. “I can do maintenance on furnaces and boilers.”

Lt. Governor Sabina Matos speaking with the Providence Career and Technical Academy

“Women are not represented as much in male-dominated fields,” she added. “We can do a lot, you know?”

Morales’ teacher Robert Sherwood agrees.

“I don’t see any difference,” he said. “Some of [female students] have a lot more hands on ability and troubleshooting abilities. When they come in here, they kick tail in our shop.”

The girls were celebrated Wednesday as part of Women in Construction Week. They were given the opportunity to explore what’s next after high school, including jobs, unions and employment protections.

The girls were also encouraged to pursue their dreams by Lt. Governor Sabina Matos.

“There is plenty of opportunities right now for you,” Matos said. “As a woman, to be able to make your own money and earn a living wage so you can provide for yourself … That is powerful.”