PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Providence police seized seven off-road vehicles Wednesday night, including ATVs, dirt bikes and unregistered scooters.

The operation is part of a larger effort by Providence city officials to get these illegal vehicles off the streets. So far this year, police have confiscated 36 ATVs and dirt bikes, according to a spokesperson for the department.

Providence Police Lt. David Allen told 12 News the vehicles aren’t created with turn signals, headlights, brake lights or horns.

“The streets of Providence are not a place for people to ride ATVs and dirt bikes,” Allen said. “It’s not safe for the people riding it and it’s certainly not safe for the rest of the citizens that are trying to enjoy the city.”

The city is has more than 100 seized illegal vehicles. Allen said these operations will continue in Providence.

“Most of the time, individuals riding these ATVs and dirt bikes are riding recklessly,” Allen said. “They’re not paying attention to any traffic laws, stop signs, red lights. They drive on sidewalks. And they’re really endangering a lot of people out there including themselves.”

A city ordinance allows police to seize and destroy illegal off-road vehicles.

Providence police are asking the public to contribute any information they may have about the storage of these vehicles or meeting locations for riders.

The ATV Tip Line at (401) 680-8288 can be used to report information.

To report illegal vehicles currently on the road, call (401) 272-3121.