PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The Providence Police Department is implementing a new program in hopes of reducing the number of false alarms its officers respond to.

In 2017, Providence police responded to 12,910 false alarm calls, according to police.

“Excessive false alarms cost the city thousands of dollars each year, prevent police and fire department personnel from responding to true emergencies, and act as a nuisance to surrounding homes and businesses,” Public Safety Commissioner Steve Paré said in a statement.

“In many cases when officers are responding to a call for a false alarm, they find no evidence of criminal activity,” he added. “This ordinance has been created to hold alarm owners accountable and to do their part to prevent false alarms from occurring in the first place.”

The new program would require all home and business owners to register their alarm systems online in an effort to hold them responsible for the use of those systems.

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The cost of an alarm permit registration is $10 per year. Car alarms and Life Alert systems are not included in the requirements.

For more information, contact the False Alarm Management Program at (855) 732-9028.