PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The Providence Police Department announced Wednesday new virtual reality technology that will be used to train officers.

The interactive modules will include Taser and handgun trainings, which will give immediate feedback to participants. The technology will also allow officers to practice responding to mental illness and substance abuse calls, among other scenarios.

“This is real-life training on how to best interact with the community and, more importantly, how to de-escalate tense situations and support those individuals in crisis that we deal with on a daily basis,” Providence Police Chief Hugh Clements said.

Clements said Providence is the first and only department in the state to use the technology, which has been provided by AXON Virtual Reality Solutions Specialist.

The department has six simulation kits with 17 headsets and 15 virtual modules for officers.

The web-based training allows officers to complete it from any location and at any time, making it relatively inexpensive and less time consuming, according to the police chief.

“It allows for us to give training on a whim,” Clements said.

The department, according to Clements, invested $500,000 into the virtual reality training and other technology investments, including body-worn an license plate detection cameras.

Clement said the department will start assigning virtual simulation training to officers sometime next month.