PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — With the Fourth of July around the corner, city officials in Providence are working to crack down on illegal fireworks.

In Rhode Island, only ground and handheld sparkling devices are legal for general use; those that shoot into the air or make a bang are prohibited.

Mayor Jorge Elorza stressed that certain fireworks are illegal for a reason and asks residents to be considerate of your neighbors.

“They’re unsafe in many cities throughout the country. You have fires going up as a result of these, so as much as possible we want to avoid this,” Elorza said. “Be considerate.”

The city is also relaunching its task force that concentrates on illegal fireworks. Anyone who is affected and wants to report the use of illegal fireworks can call (401) 272-3121.

“Make sure that the quality of life in our neighborhoods are as strong and as peaceful as possible,” Elorza added.

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Providence Police Chief Col. Hugh Clements said officials will start patrolling for fireworks Thursday night through the weekend, and then next weekend and into the following weeks they will “switch it up to catch people off guard.”

“We hope we issue zero citations and we hope we don’t arrest anybody. It really is a dangerous issue,” Clements said. “People have been injured. There’s been some mayhem involving fireworks.”

Clements reminds residents that a permit is needed to sell, display and use for amusement fireworks in Rhode Island. It’s a criminal violation depending on the number of illegal fireworks, officials stressed.

According to Assistant Fire Chief Kevin Dolan, they will be having on-duty fire investigators do “drop-in checks” at all the permitted tents selling fireworks to make sure that what they are permitted to sell is actually what they are selling.

“The ultimate goal of this task force is to ensure that this city and its residents have a happy and safe holiday season,” Dolan said.

For those who want to enjoy a big fireworks display, while also being safe, Elorza said residents can head to India Point Park on Sunday, July 3, at sundown for the city’s fireworks display.

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However, those looking to stock up on legal fireworks ahead of the holiday should be ready to pay a pretty penny due to inflation and supply chain issues.

TCS Fireworks owner Michael O’Neill told 12 News his store has been in business since 1999 and says he has never seen wholesale prices this high.

“I’m hoping to have a good Fourth of July but it’s not going to bring in the numbers we’re hoping for because everything is so expensive,” he said. “People are going to still buy fireworks because they want to celebrate, but they are going to cut back because everything is way more money, plus the price of gas they have to eat food, everything is more money.”

According to the American Pyrotechnics Association, average costs are up 35%.