PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — An investigation is underway after two men broke into a woman’s home and held her at gunpoint Tuesday morning, according to police.

Lindsay Lague, a spokesperson for the Providence Police Department, told 12 News the suspects broke into the Hawkins Street home around 7:30 a.m.

The victim told detectives she woke up to find the suspects in her bedroom. Lague said one of the men pointed a handgun at her and demanded she tell them where the money was.

When the victim began to scream, Lague said the man hopped onto her bed and put the barrel of the gun to her neck.

The victim told police she thought the men were going to sexually assault her, but when she begged them not to, both reassured her that they only wanted “the money that her father owes them,” according to Lague.

The armed suspect then stayed in the bedroom with the victim while the other man searched the house for the money, Lague said.

Before they left, the suspects reportedly took pictures of the victim’s personal documents and threatened to harm her if she called police. Lague said the men also told the victim that they had been following her and knew where she worked.

The victim later contacted several family members about the ordeal, who advised her to call the police. Her father said he knows who he owes money to and would contact them, according to Lague.

The victim described the suspects as Hispanic men in their early 20s. Both were wearing black ski masks and black clothing. The victim also noticed the man with the gun was wearing black, gold and white Jordan 6 “Defining Moments” sneakers.