PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — As the investigation into a fatal officer-involved shooting continues, the two police departments involved have released the body-worn camera footage from that night.

Michael Pinto, 40, of Glocester, died after he was shot outside Women & Infants Hospital in Providence the night of Friday, Sept. 15. His teenage daughter was wounded in the shooting as she was in Pinto’s car at the time.

Pinto was wanted on felony arrest warrants out of Glocester and Burrillville, and police said he fled several traffic stops and drove at multiple officers leading up to the shooting.

The pursuit began in Burrillville. The bodycam video shows the initial confrontation on Route 146, with officers approaching Pinto’s vehicle with their guns drawn. As they yell at Pinto to stop and get out of his car, he can be seen driving at one of the officers, who police said fired two shots into the vehicle before Pinto drove off.

Providence police later tried to pull Pinto over after he was seen coming off Route 10. He drove up onto the sidewalk to get away, according to police, then did so a second time after they caught up with him at the intersection of Dudley and Eddy streets.

The footage released by Providence shows a third encounter with Pinto outside the hospital’s emergency entrance on Gay Street. Pinto can be seen driving in reverse on the sidewalk toward a bystander and an officer, who then opened fire along with a second officer.

Police pulled Pinto and his daughter out of the vehicle and brought them to the hospital, where Pinto died.

The bystander, a nurse, was pinned between Pinto’s car and a fence. She was taken to the hospital with injuries after police moved the vehicle to free her.

The three officers who opened fire are currently on administrative leave.

As per protocol, the incident is being investigated by Rhode Island State Police, the R.I. Attorney General’s Office, and both police departments.

According to police, Pinto was wanted because he had fled a traffic stop near the Glocester town line on Thursday. He was also due in court the following Monday on several charges, including felony assault and battery, which police said was related to him hitting a cruiser in Johnston while fleeing the scene of a shots-fired call in Providence.