PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Police are investigating a possible connection between two shootings in Providence that occurred in the same neighborhood less than a day apart.

The first shooting occurred early Monday morning, when 21-year-old Isaias Bulus was found shot to death on Atlantic Avenue. Later that night, another man was shot near a memorial set up for Bulus.

During a virtual news conference Tuesday, Providence Commissioner of Public Safety Steven Paré said there may be a connection between the two, but the investigation is ongoing.

“[The shootings are] probably tied one to the other, but we haven’t yet, you know, completed and pulled all the evidence together to see what the motive is. But these are targeted shootings,” Paré said. “We hope to prevent it with strategies and resources that are in place, so we can get them out of that cycle of violence.”

Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza said the city is in the process of creating a system to help prevent gun violence.

“Any time this happen it’s a concern and it’s something that we take extremely seriously,” Elorza said. “We want to create a system that allows everyone to be a part of the solution.”

Police wouldn’t speculate if this is gang related, but did say they have some leads.