PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The man accused of robbing Cadillac Lounge at gunpoint was an employee of the strip club, Providence police confirm.

Jontay Goode, 30, was arraigned Tuesday on an armed robbery charge and ordered held without bail.

Cadillac Lounge manager Ed Imondi told 12 News he was preparing to open the club on Monday and was counting money in his office when the suspect walked in with a gun.

Courtesy: Providence Police Department

The suspect, later identified as Goode, wore a mask that covered his full head in an effort to disguise himself, according to police.

Imondi said Goode put a gun to his head and demanded he not look at him.

“At first I thought it was a joke,” he recalled. “He said ‘this is a robbery.’ I said ‘what?’ and he said ‘I’m going to rob the place.’”

Imondi said he had one of the club’s two safes open and roughly $3,500 in his hand at the time. Goode took the money from Imondi’s hand and then demanded he open the other safe, which contained $22,000 in $1 bills.

“He took all the ones, I could hear him stacking them into the big bag he had,” Imondi said. “Obviously, he knew we had a lot of money in there.”

The suspect appeared to know the layout of the building, according to Imondi, as well as which safe had the most money inside. That was one of the reasons why he and owner Dick Shappy believed it was an inside job.

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“Why would you not care about the [safe] that I already have open? You can see there’s money in there,” Imondi said. “He said ‘no, not that safe. I want the money that’s in that one.’ What does that tell you? Somebody knows something here.”

Imondi said he had no idea who the suspect was because he wasn’t able to get a good look at him.

Police said they recovered the majority of the stolen cash “almost immediately,” adding that Goode tried to stash it on the railroad tracks so he could retrieve it later.

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