PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — From bouncy houses to yard games, Sherwin Ramos brings the party right to your backyard.

But getting to those parties will not be as easy this week for Gold Label Inflatables, after Ramos discovered someone stole the catalytic converter off his work truck over the weekend.

Ramos said when he started up the truck, he immediately knew something was wrong.

(Johnny Villella/WPRI-TV)

“As soon I heard the noise, I was like, ‘that has got to be it,'” he recalled. “I looked [under the truck] and saw four clean cuts.”

Providence Police Major David Lapatin said Ramos is one of dozens of people who have had their catalytic converters stolen in recent weeks.

The thefts, according to Lapatin, have become a major problem in the capital city. That’s why he said the Providence Police Department has dedicated one detective to solely investigate the thefts.

The Providence City Council addressed the ongoing problem earlier this year by passing an ordinance aimed at curbing the sale of the stolen car parts to junk yards and secondhand dealers.

“They are frequent in every neighborhood throughout the city of Providence,” Councilman David Salvatore said of the thefts.

Gov. Dan McKee signed similar legislation a few months later to combat catalytic converter thefts statewide.

“This will mitigate, hopefully, the thefts of catalytic converters, not only in Providence but in jurisdictions throughout the state,” Salvatore said.

Meanwhile, Ramos’ truck is currently being repaired. Ramos tells 12 News he spent most of Tuesday combing through surveillance footage looking for any sign of the suspects, but unfortunately came up empty.

The Providence Police Department confirms they’re actively investigating the theft of Ramos’ catalytic converter.