PROVIDENCE R.I. (WPRI) — A carnival in Providence was ordered to shut down for the remainder of the weekend after an altercation broke out Saturday night, according to a spokesperson for Mayor Brett Smiley’s office.

Up to 50 people were involved in the disturbance at the George J. West Carnival, located in the area of Chalkstone Avenue and Mount Pleasant, the mayor’s office said.

Police were able to break up the fight and nine people were arrested. The event was closed for the remainder of the night.

“Just a bunch of young teenagers all fighting, getting restless with the cops, throwing water at them,” one witness said. “One swung at one. It was crazy. It’s usually a family thing here and nice and peaceful but this year, not good.”

An emergency meeting was held by the Providence Board of Licenses Sunday afternoon to review the special permit for the event and the carnival was ordered to remain closed.

The mayor’s office said the incident will be discussed again during another meeting on Thursday.

It’s unclear what charges those who were arrested are facing.