PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Multiple people were arrested following a fight on Pembroke Avenue in Providence early Saturday morning.  

According to a report from Providence Police obtained by 12 News, one officer responded to the scene around 2:00 a.m. to find a group of people pushing each other on the porch of a house on Pembroke Avenue.  

The report states that most people involved appear to be area college students.   

That officer then says he approached the house to break up the group and saw two people fighting on the porch.   

Police say 21-year-old Cole Dirico, who was dressed up in a SWAT police costume, began fighting with the legitimate responding officer when he was trying to break up the disturbance. 

During the struggle, Dirico and the Officer fell to the ground, and a crowd gathered around them, some of whom were telling Dirico to stop and that he was “fighting a police officer,” according to the report.   

Also, according to the report, Dirico attempted to “choke” the police officer while they were struggling on the ground. At which point, the officer in the report says he “delivered approximately 4 to 5 strikes” to Dirico’s head.   

Other police officers then responded to the scene. They were able to clear the area and place Dirico in handcuffs without any further struggle.   

Witnesses told police Dirico was trying to get into the party at the house on Pembroke Avenue but was denied entry.  

According to the report, multiple other residents began approaching police and reported Dirico had also struck them.  

Police say Dirico was transported to Central Station and now faces multiple charges, including at least four counts of simple assault.  

Two other people were also arrested for “disorderly conduct” that allegedly took place while police were investigating.