PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Drivers heading through Providence on I-95 will notice another traffic pattern change.

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) announced the remaining two travel lanes on the northbound side of the highway have been moved onto the newly built viaduct bridge overnight.

The far left lane shifted onto the new bridge last week.

Courtesy of RIDOT

“I think the worst and the most challenging part of this these lane shifts took place a week ago when we split off the high-speed lane from 95 North just after the downtown exits,” Alviti told 12 News.

All lanes will have access to the state offices/Route 146 exit, according to RIDOT, but travelers are advised to stay in the far right lane for easy access to the off-ramp.

RIDOT says it scheduled these traffic changes now, ahead of winter plowing season, ian effort to avoid frequent maintenance associated with the old bridge during storms and freeze-thaw cycles.

“Last winter we had holes break through the deck that people have drive around in potholes,” Alviti said.

“Well now, we’ll be moving all the lanes of traffic onto a brand-new bridge with a smooth surface that’s going to last us for many, many years to come,” he added.

RIDOT says a temporary on-ramp linking Atwells Avenue to the new bridge will be installed by early October.

The full project, which also includes changes to alleviate congestion issues in that area, is expected to be completed in fall 2025.