Foxy Lady may reopen as nightclub

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – The Foxy Lady may soon be back in business. Kind of.

The R.I. Department of Business Regulation has agreed to allow the well-known strip club to reopen as a nightclub – without adult entertainment – but the establishment must first present a new business plan to the Providence Board of Licenses.

In an order issued Monday, DBR Hearing Officer Catherine Warren determined the troubled club has a “substantial likelihood of success in term of overturning the revocation of the liquor licenses” because the city board is supposed to operate under a progressive disciplinary policy, a practice designed to impose harsher sanctions the more an establishment is accused of wrongdoing.

But Warren ruled that the club must appear before the city board "to discuss its new format, new business plan, and security plan" before it can reopen.

The licensing board voted last week to revoke all of the Foxy Lady’s business licenses after three female dancers were arrested for allegedly soliciting undercover police officers for sex inside the club. The R.I. Supreme Court declined to issue a stay of enforcement on the revocation of the club’s entertainment license on Friday, which means it cannot allow dancers for the time being.

The Supreme Court did agree to consider the club’s appeal of the board’s decision and it can issue a stay in the future. The appeal will appear on the court’s calendar in January.

The club’s other significant license involves the ability to sell liquor, and those appeals are heard by the Department of Business Regulation.

It’s unclear if or when the club will attempt to reopen as a nightclub, but one of its attorneys said he believes it could be the “best bar” in Rhode Island during a DBR hearing last week.

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