PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — A Massachusetts man who used to work at the Veteran Benefits Administration Regional Office (VARO) in Providence has been charged with threatening a federal official.

Andrew Nyamekye, 38, was fired from VARO back in March for poor performance, according to charging documents.

Charging documents accuse Nyamekye, of sending a series of threatening and profane text messages to current and former VARO employees earlier this week.

In one of those text messages, Nyamekye reportedly told two of his former colleagues that the VARO executive director “better not leave the house this weekend.” (The charging documents note that the decision to fire Nyamekye was made by the executive director.)

Nyamekye, a veteran who served in Afghanistan, told another former colleague, “hope you’re ready for the civil war” and suggested he would strap explosives to a drone with “GPS coordinates programmed,” according to charging documents.

When that former colleague said he would call law enforcement, Nyamekye reportedly replied, “hope they don’t trip the booby traps and mines.”

Charging documents reveal that Nyamekye has extensive combat training, holds a valid concealed carry permit and legally owns eight firearms.

Nyamekye’s former colleagues told law enforcement he was “capable of carrying out the threats” and noted that his behavior was “out of character.”

Officers later conducted a welfare check on Nyamekye, who said he sent the text messages because he was upset with how VARO was treating him, according to charging documents.

Nyamekye has been charged with retaliating against a federal official. He faced a judge Thursday and was released on an unsecured bond.