PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — If you’ve been taken to the hospital by the Providence Fire Department within the past few years, your data may be compromised.

Comstar Ambulance Billing recently sent letters to potentially impacted patients, stating that the company fell victim to a cyberattack earlier this year.

The company wrote that they discovered the suspicious activity back in March, and immediately launched an investigation.

“The investigation determined that certain files on our network were subject to unauthorized access,” Comstar explained. “As such, we reviewed the contents of those files to determine what information was contained therein and to whom it related.”

The compromised information, Comstar said, includes patients’ names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, medical assessments and health insurance information.

Comstar said they’ve since taken steps to secure their network, and are offering impacted patients one year of free credit monitoring and identity theft restoration services.

The company did not disclose how the hackers were able to get into their system.

Anyone who received a letter regarding the data breach and would like to sign up for credit monitoring can contact Comstar’s assistance line at 877-587-4280.