PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — After finding a stray cat with its head stuck in a Tupperware lid, Providence Animal Control is reminding everyone to make sure to dispose of containers properly.

The agency captured the cat with the help of a local trapper, who for years has helped them catch sick, injured, and pregnant cats, and found he not only had the lid wrapped around his neck but also had a badly damaged and infected eye.

The trapper, Nathan Campagna, nicknamed the cat Tupper and said he is a “tame street cat” who was most likely abandoned.

Campagna said Tupper went to the hospital for emergency care Wednesday night and the plastic lid was removed. Tupper is now stable, according to Campagna, but he will most likely get his eye removed Friday.

Following Tupper’s capture, Providence Animal Control posted about it on Facebook, saying that if a container has an opening, an animal will most likely poke their head through it. They said it’s important that circular containers are cut before they are thrown out.

“It only takes a second!” the agency noted.

Campagna said the vet bills for Tupper are stacking up and he is encouraging people to donate to Providence Animal Control so Tupper can receive the treatment he needs. So far, Campagna has raised $750 for the cat’s treatment.

Once Tupper is healthy, he will be up for adoption through Animal Control.