PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Two Providence brothers previously convicted of violent crimes in New York are facing federal charges after five firearms, including four ghost guns, were found inside their residences earlier this year, according to United States Attorney Zachary Cunha.

Rafael Soriano, 44, and Lucas Soriano, 41, have been charged with possession of firearms and ammunition after having been previously convicted of a crime.

Lucas Soriano is also charged with making false statements to a federally licensed firearms dealer when attempting to purchase a firearm and with causing false records to be kept by a federally licensed firearms dealer

Cunha said federal agents searched both their residences last Friday.

The agents found three ghost guns, a 9mm firearm and assorted ammunition inside Lucas Soriano’s apartment, according to prosecutors. They also found one ghost gun, two ammunition magazines with 37 rounds and a bag of loose ammunition in Rafael Soriano’s home.

The searches followed an investigation into a number of online purchases the brothers have made since July 2020, which Cunha said included firearm parts, accessories and ammunition.

Prosecutors said the orders “contained items that are commonly used to manufacture privately made firearms that lack serial numbers and other manufacturer or importer markings, rendering them difficult for law enforcement to trace.”

On top of that, investigators learned Lucas Soriano had falsely claimed on a firearm application form that he had not been convicted of a crime. That application was denied in June, according to Cunha.

The brothers were both previously convicted on robbery charges in New York. On top of that, Lucas Soriano was convicted of a firearm charge in New York and Rafael was previously convicted on drug-trafficking charges in Rhode Island.