CRANSTON, R.I. (WPRI) ─ Two Providence men were arrested and two illegal dirt bikes were confiscated after an incident spanning two Rhode Island communities.

Isiah Allen, 23, and Chevin Gobern, 28, faced a judge Wednesday morning on charges of reckless driving/drag racing/eluding police, resisting legal or illegal arrest, and disorderly conduct as a result of report of 60 ATVs and dirt bikes driving through Cranston.

Gobern is also charged with obstructing an officer.

Cranston Police Chief Col. Michael Winquist tells 12 News officers pursued the riders through the streets of Providence and Cranston Tuesday night.

The chase ended on the Route 10 on-ramp located off Elmwood Avenue.

The arrests come less than a week after Winquist and Mayor Jorge Elorza announced new ordinances to crack down on illegal use of dirt bikes on city property.

“The thought process out there is we want to forfeit and seize these vehicles, take them off our public roadways. They don’t belong on public roadways,” Winquist said Friday.

Jeremy Costa, a spokesperson for the motorbike community, said the issue stems from the lack of designated areas for residents to ride.

“We don’t need 10 acres, we need maybe a quarter of an acre of flat land … we’re going to mitigate 65% of the use,” Costa said. “There are some particulars that we can work out later on how they’re going to get there and things of that nature, but let’s find them a place to ride.”

Allen was ordered held without bail on an alleged bail violation and the judge set bail for Gobern at $5,000.

Prosecutors also claim one of the people in the large group of ATVs showed a firearm during the incident, but that person was never located.