PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — A new poll shows a majority of Rhode Islanders want legislation passed to enact stricter gun laws.

The Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence said their poll shows it’s time to pass legislation enacting stronger gun safety laws, but opponents say the bills are based on emotion – not fact.

At a rally at the State House Thursday, the coalition said a statewide poll showed 92% of respondents would support restricting possession of guns by those convicted of domestic violence.

“We’ve not seen higher polling on any subject in Rhode Island that I can recall,” said Jerry Belair, president of the coalition.

The survey also showed 82% of those polled would support limiting concealed guns in elementary schools to law enforcement officers and 75% would be in favor of capping magazines at 10 rounds.

The coalition’s sponsored telephone poll was conducted by the Princeton Research Associates over nine days in March and April. A total of 605 people were polled statewide.

“Rhode Islanders want to see common sense gun control, there are not crazy proposals,” said Rep. Aaron Regunberg, a sponsor of gun safety bills.

But opponents of the bills say the proposals are misguided.

“The legislation that we’ve seen put forth this year is also rooted in emotion rather than fact, evidence and good policy,” said Rep. Mike Chippendale.

The bills the coalition are aiming to get passed regarding guns and domestic abusers, guns in schools and high-capacity magazines are all currently being held for further study.