NORTH PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The 36-year-old man accused of stabbing and killing his father earlier this week had recently been forced out of the house, according to North Providence Police Chief Alfredo Ruggerio.

Dayne Kerzner is currently being held without bail on two felony assault charges, one of which will be upgraded to murder after 65-year-old Steven Kerzner succumbed to his injuries Wednesday night.

The chief said Dayne stabbed his father in the throat during a fight inside their Whipple Avenue home.

Dayne also beat his father and his father’s 60-year-old girlfriend with a brick he’d grabbed from the front yard, according to Ruggerio.

Investigators have since learned Steven kicked his son out of the house 10 days prior to the deadly assault.

Steven Kerzner (Courtesy: The Kerzner Family)

Neighbor Daniel Boudreau told 12 News he spoke with Steven just hours before he was killed.

“That day he was out there washing his car and mowing his lawn,” Boudreau recalled. “He told me his son needed help.”

Boudreau said the circumstances surrounding Steven’s death are extremely difficult for him to comprehend.

“Who would ever expect something like that from their own son?” he questioned. “Steven was such a nice guy.”

Boudreau said he had installed security cameras outside his home the day before the altercation. When he looked back at the footage, he said Dayne appeared to walk into the home with an air pressure checker.

Ruggerio confirmed Dayne had stabbed his father with that air pressure device. The police chief believes Dayne took the piece of equipment from the East Providence autobody shop where he had been staying.

Boudreau claims Dayne walked from East Providence to North Providence to commit the crime. That hasn’t been confirmed by investigators, though Ruggerio said no vehicle was found at the scene.

Dayne’s uncle, Ray Dulieu, previously told 12 News that, while his nephew has always had a good relationship with his father, he’s had a tough time since his mother passed away.

“He just snapped,” Dulieu said. “He’s a really good kid. He just needs help. He doesn’t belong in jail. He just has psychological problems. It’s just too much.”

Ruggerio said Dayne is known to the department. In the past three years, the chief said police have responded to the home 24 times, more than half of which involved Dayne.

Dayne is due back in court on Friday.