Docs detail ex-superintendent's questionable expenses

NORTH PROVIDENCE, R.I (WPRI) — Eyewitness News obtained new documents that shed more light on an investigation into the now former North Providence School District Superintendent. 

The documents were provided by the attorney investigating Bridget Morisseau.

Morisseau was placed on administrative leave in July with allegations she used a school department credit card to buy personal items. 

The school committee accepted her resignation a week after she was placed on administrative leave, and said it was awaiting a financial audit before reporting her to authorities. 

The 130 pages of financial documents start with an explanation from Morisseau when the school's business department was first notified about fraudulent charges on the school's credit card by Citizens Bank. 

In May, the memorandum states charges were looked at by another school official in the Business Department and identified more than $2,200 charged to a Connecticut resort. 

The first page of the memorandum details the start of an explanation from Morisseau, in which she says the charges were valid, but they were personal in nature and she needed to reimburse the school district for the charges. Morisseau also stated she might have saved the school credit card in error when booking the resort on Priceline, and subsequently used it in error to charge other personal expenses. 

However, there were still more personal charges and other charges deemed questionable by the Business Department, which did not have receipts to back up if the charges were business or personal. 

After an analysis by the Business Department, the charges were broken down into personal vs. business charges. 

The report shows $4,544.10 in personal charges, with $2,520.28 in charges without receipts, totaling $7,064.38. 

Some of the personal charges include $165 at a North Providence hair salon, $79.17 for a dog booster seat, dozens of charges to that are not itemized, plus $1,000 to a catering company. Morisseau did note the charges to the catering company were made with the school credit card in error, according to the report. 

The analysis also noted purchases deemed to be used for school purposes, like various charges for food used in school meetings, various school supplies, and lodging for professional conferences. 

However, some of the receipts were not provided in those purchases and therefore were not listed in the report. 

The school committee and mayor have yet to report Morisseau to authorities, pending their analysis of a financial audit. 

Until then, Robert O'Brien has been named an interim superintendent, but the school is hoping for a replacement by January or February. 

Eyewitness News has reached out to Morisseau's attorney for comment. 

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