NORTH SMITHFIELD, R.I. (WPRI) — A North Smithfield man was arrested after detectives found more than a dozen ghost guns inside his home, according to R.I. State Police.

Investigators searched 43-year-old Elliot Knorr’s Main Street apartment Wednesday and found 15 completed ghost guns, 36 large-capacity feeding devices and various ghost gun parts.

Knorr is facing a slew of weapons charges, including 36 counts of possession of a prohibited large-capacity feeding device and 15 counts of possession of a ghost gun.

(Courtesy: RI State Police)

Police said Knorr was the target of an ongoing investigation into the illegal manufacturing of ghost guns.

“Ghost guns are a real threat to public safety and being able to impede their manufacture is a win,” R.I. State Police Col. Darnell Weaver said.

Knorr’s arrest came one day after another man, 56-year-old Ferdinando Lombardi, was taken into custody after detectives discovered more than 20 ghost guns in his Pawtucket apartment. Lombardi racked up 163 charges in total.

Knorr was granted $25,000 surety bail and ordered to surrender his firearms.

It’s unclear whether the investigations into Knorr and Lombardi are connected.