BURRILLVILLE, R.I. (WPRI) — A Pascoag home was struck by lightning as severe thunderstorms moved through the area Tuesday evening.

According to the Pascoag Fire Chief Keith Carter, a bolt hit the chimney of a home at the corner of Church and Pine Streets during the height of the storm, blowing a huge hole in the roof.

Carter said the lightning strike “blew up” the chimney, then hit an electrical panel and a water meter inside the home, causing several pipes to burst.

“Lightning is very unforgiving,” Carter said.

The homeowner was inside on the first floor when it happened and was able to escape the home unharmed. She tells Eyewitness News the strike shook the entire house.

“We found her outside in the backyard and she said it shook her right off her chair,” Carter said.

Crews remained on scene for about an hour to secure fuses and electrical panels that had blown due to the strike. They were also mitigating flooding in the basement from where the pipes burst.

A building inspector and electrician were called to the scene to assess the damage. The building inspector determined the home was structurally sound despite the damage to the roof.

Carter said the residents were allowed back inside and will continue to stay in the home while the damage is repaired, despite not having power or running water.