JOHNSTON, R.I. (WPRI) — A Johnston man says he was beyond surprised when he was the one taken away in handcuffs, not the people he called the police on.

62-year-old Timothy King, a retired social worker, says he was grilling with his grandchildren Saturday, when a group of men came up to the end of his driveway.

“Getting ready to take my Trump flag down, so I go over to the end of the driveway to tell them it’s private property and I got hit in the head,” King said. “They all started coming after me, saying ‘white trash'”.

He says a group of seven to ten men attacked him over his political beliefs.

“I was getting hit from all sides, on top of the head, my hand was fractured, I got stitches in my knee, and they wouldn’t stop,” added King. “They still kept coming after me, so I fell again on the ground and I took out my firearm and fired a shot in the air so they could get away from me.”

King says he has a legal gun license, and also told Eyewitness News he has a surveillance system. He explained that he was unable to get the incident on camera, as it happened out of his camera’s view, but he did get video of police showing up to the scene.

Johnston Police were called and King says he couldn’t believe that none of the men who allegedly attacked him, were arrested.

He was instead arrested on scene for firing his gun.

Johnston Deputy Chief Joseph Razza confirms King was charged with the following:

  • Firing in a Compact Area
  • Firing Across a Highway
  • Disorderly Conduct

Eyewitness News contacted Johnston Police who say in a statement, the incident did not happen that way.

“On scene, the police observed a large crowd of people gathered in the roadway.  Based on statements from a witness, it was determined that Mr. Timothy King, 62 years of age had discharged four rounds from a firearm.  There was no other evidence to support that he may have been the victim of an assault and there were no witness to this allegation made by Mr. King.  Mr. King was charged with Firing in a Compact Area, Firing Across a Highway and Disorderly Conduct he was released later in the day after he was arraigned before a justice of the peace.  Additionally, there was no mention of political signs or that being a motive.”

Joseph Razza, Johnson Deputy Chief

King said he had to go to the hospital after being released from custody. He is facing a court date in November and is hoping to get the charges dropped.