BURRILLVILLE, R.I. (WPRI) — A Burrillville community is calling on law enforcement officials to crack down on speeding after a detour has caused an uptick in traffic, according to residents.

The Route 102 Bridge at Route 7 is closed for construction, so traffic is being diverted through the area of Nichols and Tarkiln roads. Residents said motorists in the area often ignore the posted 25 mph speed limit.

Michelle Guillemette, a lifelong resident of the area, said it has become dangerous to go to the mailbox or enjoy outdoor activities like riding a bike.

“The traffic has increased immensely and it’s dangerous,” she said.

Guillemette said she and others have seen damage to their properties since the increase in traffic.

“Our property was damaged once with a car trying to avoid another one coming down in the middle of the road and they hit our reflectors,” Guillemette said.

Burrillville Police Major Albert Carlow said his department has received multiple calls from homeowners.

“We have had periodic calls for speeding and increased traffic as a whole, whether it’s violations of stop signs or speeding in the area,” Carlow explained. “We address each call accordingly by directing patrol in that area to perform traffic post. We also use our radar trailer to educate motorists on their speed if they’re not familiar with the new roadways.”

While they are grateful for the police department’s help, residents feel more needs to be done. Some have put up their own reflectors and signs asking people to slow down.

12 News reached out to the Rhode Island Department of Transportation which declined to comment.