SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (WPRI) — It was the night of June 14, 2019, that Michael Sinotte Jr. was seen for the last time.

He gave his mother Ann Felici a hug and kiss before leaving, then told her, “Love each other and that would bring happiness to our family.”

Just three days later, Sinotte’s car was found at Great Swamp Management Area in South Kingstown.

For the weeks, months and years to follow, the search for Sinotte would continue.

Even though four years have now passed, his family still hasn’t given up hope.

“We have that wonder that maybe he’s still out there alive, but without that closure, I personally can’t move forward. Every day it’s there on my mind,” Felici said.

On Tuesday, more than two dozen volunteers took to Great Swamp Management Area to keep looking for clues about Sinotte’s disappearance.

“Bill McIntosh, who’s helped us on all searches thus far, has been the coordinator of it all,” Felici added.

McIntosh, who runs the “Adventures with Purpose” YouTube channel, has helped bring closure to families across the country, including right here in Rhode Island.

McIntosh said he and Sinotte’s loved ones have spent roughly 30 days searching for him across more than 3,500 acres of South Kingstown land. So far, they’ve uncovered a yellow bag that Sinotte brought with him, a makeshift campfire, a 15-foot rope, and geocaches.

Search-and-rescue teams from state and local police departments have helped over the years, along with dozens of volunteers.

“We can’t get any further assistance until there’s something that shows,” McIntosh added. “We’re trying to find a piece of his blue sweatshirt. He wore size 13 black and brown boots. If we could find one of those or his blue jeans or anything in his pockets … We’re trying to find those items so we have the next clue.”