FREETOWN, Mass. (WPRI) — Fire burned through a detached garage on Ashlawn Road in Freetown Saturday night.

The fire sent plumes of black smoke into the air that could be seen for miles.

Firefighters said they had to lay around two thousand feet of hose to put the fire out.

Freetown Chief Gary Silvia tells Eyewitness News, the fire likely started in one of the vehicles in the garage, eventually spreading to another and ultimately destroying the entire garage.

Flames also damaged a nearby shed and melted some siding on the house.

Chief Silva said there was an SUV inside the garage, along with a motor home that had one hundred gallons of diesel fuel inside.

“Once that got going that’s what gave you that big black plume of smoke that people see as far away as Westport,” Chief Silva said.

Smoke pouring into the air could be seen from the highway.  At times it looked like the fire was out, but then it would light up again.

“As soon as they moved the lines that fuel reignited again,” Chief Silva said.

The location of the garage also posed an added challenge.  Area streets were blocked off as roughly two thousand feet of hose was being used.

“It’s a small town so we don’t have a lot of fire hydrants, so we have to bring the water down from the closest water source and that hydrant just happened to be the closest water source,” Chief Silva said.

According to Chief Silva, a female homeowner collapsed when she saw the fire and was taken to the hospital.  He’s since been told she’s doing well.

The Fire Marshal is now investigating.