EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Leaders at the East Providence Police Department said they gave out 4,342 of tickets in the first three days of enforcing the speed limit with school zone automated enforcement cameras.

The tickets are $50 and mailed to a driver who is caught going 11 mph over the speed limit in the five designated school zones. City leaders said the ticketing system is supposed to help deter people from speeding.

According to the contract signed by city leaders and the company that owns and operates the camera system, Sensys Gatso U.S.A, each school zone camera will cost the city $2,400 per month — or more than $21,000 a month for all nine cameras currently in place.

But the contract also states the city will not be required to pay for the cameras when school is not in session during the summer months or if schools close because of the pandemic.

The contract also stipulates the company gets $7.30 out of each $50 ticket that is given out.

Sensys Gatso U.S.A expects to receive about $4 million during the five-year contract, according to its website.

The multimillion-dollar pay out also includes payments for red-light enforcement cameras. According to the police department, there are currently two intersections that have those cameras installed — one at the intersection at Broadway and Grosvenor Avenue, another at Broadway at Roger Williams Avenue — but they are not operating yet.

City leaders said they are looking to install cameras at eight other intersections. If all goes to plan, the police department said that would bring a total of 23 red light camera systems in the community.

According to the contract, the city will pay Sensys Gatso U.S.A $1,700 per red-light enforcement camera each month, with an additional $15.40 per notice of violation that is issued.

The police department said there will also be a 30-day warning period for the red-light traffic enforcement cameras.

The police department said that the tickets won’t have an affect on a person’s drivers insurance policy. Stated in the contract, if a driver does not pay the ticket within 120 days of violation, a notice will be sent to the DMV for a non-renewal.

Prior to sending out official tickets for the school zone enforcement cameras, the police department issued warnings to any driver caught speeding. According to the department, 69,528 warnings were issued from Nov. 3 to Dec. 23.

According to the city, East Providence’s school zone enforcement cameras will only operate Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Speed cameras are located in the following locations:

  • Riverside Middle School (Forbes Street)
  • Kent Heights School (Pawtucket Avenue)
  • St. Margaret’s School (Pawtucket Avenue)
  • East Providence High School (Pawtucket Avenue)
  • St. Mary’s Bay View Academy (Pawtucket Avenue)