NEWPORT, R.I. (WPRI) — The man who went overboard halfway through the 52nd Newport Bermuda Race over the weekend was an experienced offshore sailor, according to race officials.

Colin Golder, captain of the Morgan of Marietta, fell off the 42-foot sloop 325 miles from Bermuda Sunday afternoon.

Golder’s body was eventually recovered by his crewmates following an extensive search of the surrounding waters. The vessel is now on its way back to the mainland.

The New Jersey resident was a veteran racer who had previously completed the 635-mile journey from Newport to Bermuda 10 times, according to race officials.

The Morgan of Marietta was one of nearly 200 vessels to set sail Friday in the biennial race. Race officials believe Golder went overboard as his crew faced strong winds and rough seas.

Jim Murray and his crewmates completed the days-long voyage to Bermuda at the top of their division. He told race officials in Bermuda that the weather was dicey from the get-go.

“It was incredibly challenging,” Murray said. “The forecast went out the window when the front moved through the starting line [Friday].”

“We chased the front all the way to Bermuda,” he continued. “The winds were up and down and quite shifty. It was a whole mix of everything you could get.”

Golder’s family has been notified of his death, which remains under investigation.