MIDDLETOWN, R.I (WPRI) ─ Potter League for Animals has put out a plea for donations to help a Kabul-based animal rescue following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.

The local shelter has been working with Nowzad since 2017 to transport animals from Afghanistan to the United States.

Soon after the country’s government collapsed, Nowzad founder Sgt. Pen Farthing put out a call for donations.

The organization is raising money to charter a cargo plane and evacuate its 25 staff members, in addition to dozens of cats and dogs, all of whom are currently stuck in Afghanistan.

Farthing said the situation is dire especially for the organization’s female staff members, who could potentially be targeted by the Taliban.

“We’re supporting them in whatever way we can, which is just getting the word out and telling people what’s going on,” Kara Montalbano, director of marketing and community relations at the Potter League said. “They’re our friends and we feel for them, and can’t imagine what they’re going through.”

Potter League has hosted Nowzad leadership in the past and has continuously supported the organization’s animal welfare efforts.

The shelter asks anyone who wishes to donate to Nowzad to do so directly and not through the Potter League.

Click here to donate to Nowzad »