NEWPORT, R.I. (WPRI) — A lengthy stretch of the iconic oceanside Cliff Walk in Newport collapsed Thursday afternoon.

The collapse occurred between Webster Street and Narragansett Avenue.

City Manager Joe Nicholson tells 12 News erosion is likely to blame.

“It looks like the portion that collapsed will continue to collapse,” he said. “It’s effectively a wall of dirt, a sloped wall of dirt.”

PHOTOS: Portion of Cliff Walk in Newport collapses (Story continues below.)

Nicholson said this isn’t the first time the Cliff Walk has collapsed, and it likely won’t be the last.

“It has suffered over the years from the effects of hurricanes, and we have reacted accordingly to make it safe,” he continued. “In this one area, it seems to be an enigma in terms of erosion, so we will just keep an eye on it.”

No one was injured, though the R.I. State Police brought in a cadaver dog to search the area for any potential victims.

“They found nothing,” Nicholson added.

The city has closed off that section of the Cliff Walk because it is a hazard to the public. Nicholson is urging everyone to avoid the Cliff Walk until further inspections are completed and it is deemed safe.

It’s unclear at this time how long it will take to make the repairs, however, Nicholson said it will likely be awhile before it is reopened.