This article was edited to clarify which officer was driving the unmarked police cruiser.

WARREN, R.I. (WPRI) — Police have identified the two Bristol police officers who helped track down the man who shot two people inside a Warren social club last week, including the town’s assistant fire chief.

Bristol Police Chief Kevin Lynch and Major Scott McNally responded last Thursday to assist Warren officers in their search for Michael Oullette, 37.

Police began looking for Oullette, the owner of the Italian-American Club, after learning he had shot Jason Furtado, 41, and Brian Remy, 66, just minutes prior.

Furtado survived and was rushed to Rhode Island Hospital, but Remy, who’d been a member of the town’s volunteer fire department for more than 40 years, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police said Lynch and McNally were driving down Water Street when Oullette emerged from an alley and shot at their unmarked cruiser.

McNally, who was driving, immediately recognized Oullette and pulled over. Police said as he and Lynch exited the vehicle, Oullette opened fire “with clear intent on harming the officers.”

Lynch and McNally ordered pedestrians to get to safety, according to police, while McNally took cover outside a nearby restaurant and returned fire.

Once Oullette stopped firing at McNally, police said the suspect returned to the alley he’d originally emerged from and fired one final gunshot.

McNally and Lynch, along with several other Bristol and Warren officers who responded as backup, approached the alley where they discovered Oullette’s lifeless body, police said.

The state medical examiner determined his cause of death was suicide by firearm. Neither Lynch nor McNally were injured in the shootout.

“Chief Lynch fully supports the actions of Major McNally, not only by his selfless action to engage the suspect, but to have the situational awareness to consciously order bystanders to flee to safety while he was under gunfire,” the police department wrote in a news release.

Both the Warren and Bristol police departments are investigating the incident alongside R.I. State Police and the Attorney General’s Office, per the state’s use-of-force protocol.