PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Police have revealed new information about video evidence and an autopsy report of the man they claim was responsible for a deadly shooting at a Warren social club in September.

The Italo-American Club went before the R.I. Department of Business Regulation on Thursday in an attempt to get its liquor license fully reinstated.

The Warren Town Council revoked the club’s license following the shooting, which killed Warren’s Assistant Fire Chief Brian Remy and wounded another man.

Following an appeal, the DBR said the club could start serving alcohol again with limits, overruling the town council’s decision.

On Thursday, the town’s solicitor and the club’s attorney cross examined Warren Police Lt. Christopher Perreault, who testified that video evidence obtained from inside the club shows Michael Ouellette consuming as many as seven bottled beers in the morning and afternoon hours.

Perreault said Ouellette’s toxicology report revealed his blood alcohol content was .277. The legal limit is .08.

Additionally, Perreault said a search of Ouellette’s apartment turned up prescription bottles for several narcotics, including Alprazolam, also known as Xanax, plus hydrocodone and gabapentin.

Perreault said after video evidence showed Ouellette drinking for hours at the club, he left for 25 minutes, and then returned through the back door.

It did not appear there was any interaction between Ouellette and Remy, according to Perreault, before Ouellette pulled out a firearm and shot Remy in the head, then shot another club patron twice in the abdomen.

Perreault said the video then shows Ouellette talking to a club member who asked him to leave the bar. That club member ended up being the person that made the 911 call to report the shooting.

The video then shows Ouellette talking to the club’s bartender, who was hiding behind the bar. He said it appears Ouellette had the bartender serve him another beer.

Ouellette went to his apartment following the shooting. Perreault said Bristol officers ultimately tracked him down, and Ouellette engaged in a shootout with them before taking his own life.

“Some of the witnesses stated that [Ouellette] appeared to have been down lately, depressed, but nothing that day that specifically they pointed to,” Perreault said Thursday.

No decision was made in Thursday’s hearing.

Attorneys and the DBR officer will have what’s called an “in-camera review” of surveillance video, which is under protective seal, before a date is determined to continue the hearing.

The club’s attorney, as well as the president, declined to speak with 12 News about the revelations, citing the ongoing investigation.