NEWPORT, R.I. (WPRI) — Detectives are investigating after a car crash in Newport ended with a dramatic tactical rescue over the weekend.

David Carlin told 12 News he was jolted awake when a car crashed into the front his Rose Street home early Saturday morning.

“You could certainly feel it,” he said. “It shook the house.”

Carlin said he immediately went to investigate and found a gaping hole where his front steps used to be.

“The car drove off, peeled out and sped down our street,” he recalled.

It was around that same time firefighters rushed to the city’s iconic Cliff Walk to rescue a man who had fallen 40 feet.

Police said the man was pulled to safety and taken to Rhode Island Hospital with serious injuries, though he is expected to recover.

Investigators confirmed on Tuesday that the person rescued from the Cliff Walk was the driver of the vehicle that crashed into Carlin’s home.

Carlin said the damage to the front of his home is an inconvenience for him and his wife, since he’s in the process of having work done in his backyard.

With the front steps obliterated in the crash, he said there’s now only one way in and out of his home.

“The backyard has no steps, the back door has no steps,” Carlin said. “Now … we have no front steps. We have to come up the side steps of our house, which luckily we have to [another] entrance.”

Both incidents remain under investigation at this time. It’s unclear whether the driver will face any charges, though Carlin said he hopes to find out soon.

Anyone with information regarding either incident is urged to contact the Newport Police Department at (401) 847-1306.