EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Rhode Island State Police identified thirteen women as victims of an alleged scheme to illegally obtain and share their nude images and videos.

However, due to the statute of limitations, only five of them are associated with the case against the owners and four employees of Flint Audio Video, according to a spokesperson for the attorney general’s office.

The six men were arrested over the summer after a female employee reported the alleged conduct to the authorities.

According to police, a thumb drive containing more than 2,000 nude photos and videos of suspected Flint customers was recovered by detectives at the home of George Quintal, who was the first person charged in the case.

Quintal was the manager of Flint’s Middletown location. Police allege that when customers would drop off phones, computers and other devices for repair, he would search through them without the customers’ knowledge or consent and take photos of any provocative media he found, then forward them to some of his coworkers.

Quintal arrested in mid-June and subsequently fired by Flint. Over the next month, three of his coworkers – Terrance Roy, Geoffrey Preuit and Adam Jilling – were also arrested along with Flint’s owners – Daniel Anton and Gary Gagne.

More than 200 pages of newly unsealed court documents obtained by Eyewitness News revealed that 13 victims have so far been identified by police and the alleged crimes date back to 2011.

The documents included text conversations between Quintal and the other defendants. In 2016, according to the documents, Quintal texted Jilling, “Some girls are just stupid for having that right on their computer for anyone to see when they bring it in for service,” to which Jilling replied, “Let them be stupid!”

At one point, he wrote to Roy, “Here is a little treat for you. I’m sending you 8 pics from the blonde girl.”

The documents also included the following exchange between Quintal and Preuit:

Quintal: Did the girl that sounded hot bring her computer last night?

Preuit: No

Quintal: I’m depressed

Preuit: Sorry

Quintal: Pages! Of nudes

Preuit: I’m sure it will resurface.

All six defendants are due in court on Jan. 10. Quintal’s attorney told Eyewitness News that his client will plead not guilty to the charges.

Any Flint Audio Video customers who are concerned that their photos and other files may have been compromised should contact Detective Adam Houston at (401) 921-8152.