NEWPORT, R.I. (WPRI) — Newport Restaurant Week is back, with fall dishes from more than 50 restaurants around the East Bay.

The event runs from Nov. 4 through Nov. 13 and features all types of farm-to-table and dock-to-plate dishes, according to organizers.

This fall, organizers are partnering with JPT Film + Event Center to host the Foodie Film Festival alongside Newport Restaurant Week. In addition to being able to try a specialized fall dish at a special price, patrons can also enjoy food-focused films.

“The JPT Film + Event Center will be offering a unique mix of 12 films from new pre-release offerings like “The Art of Eating: The Life of M.F. K. FIsher” or “Love Charlie: The Rise & Fall of Chef Charlie Trotter” to food classics like “Babette’s Feast” or “Big Night” to family-friendly films like “Ratatouille,” JPT Film + Event Center owner and president Kathy Staab said.

Visit the Newport Restaurant Week website for a full list of participating restaurants and events.