NEWPORT, R.I. (WPRI) ─ The Preservation Society of Newport County tells 12 News that, not only will food lovers still get to enjoy themselves at this year’s Food & Wine Festival, they’ll also be helping the local restaurant industry.

In past years, a ticket would allow attendees to go from booth to booth tasting each chef’s samples while also taste-testing different wine, but this year, organizers said the festival is expanding beyond the mansions.

This year will include collaborations with almost a dozen local restaurants. Event goers will be able to stop at participating restaurants and enjoy their tasting menu.

Executive Director of the Preservation Society of Newport County Trudy Coxe said they were going to find any way to make the event happen.

“It has been complicated, but we just kept working among ourselves and checking in with the state to find out what we could and couldn’t do,” Coxe said. “I think everybody had foremost in their minds, that one way or another we’re just going to make it work.”

She also expressed the importance of helping the local restaurant industry through the pandemic.

“We really wanted to invest any way we could, making sure we connected ourselves with some of the local restaurant owners,” she said. “I think it sends a message that, we are doing everything we can to keep these places open, alive, keep people in their jobs. That’s the way we are going to recover from this incredible pandemic that is wreaking havoc on the restaurant and hotel industry.”

There will also be special tasting seminars at the mansions, along with Sunday brunch at Rosecliff.

Each event will have a limited capacity to allow for social distancing. The event runs Thursday through Sunday.

While most of the events are already sold out, anyone interested in purchasing tickets can do so online.