NEWPORT, R.I. (WPRI) — There’s a good chance there will be a lot fewer short-term rentals in Newport this summer compared to years past.

That’s because of a new ordinance that bans them in residential areas, but only if the property owner doesn’t live there full time.

“The only way it is allowed in a neighborhood is if it is owner-occupied,” Mayor Jeanne-Marie Napolitano said.

Under the new ordinance, short-term rentals must be registered with the city, which comes with a $100 fee.

Napolitano said the ordinance was put into place after the city became overrun by people offering short-term rentals, some of which didn’t even live nearby.

“We have had a lot of people come into Newport and buy up property and rent them as an Airbnb,” she explained. “What it has done is actually put out people who live and work here.”

The new ordinance also bans short-term rentals in the city’s Limited Business District unless the property owner has a permit. Napolitano said the city will be checking to see if all short-term rentals that are listed in the district are in compliance.

Lisel Woods manages a number of rental properties across the state. Woods said she manages about a dozen rental properties in Newport, and she has found that some of those properties won’t be opening this summer because of the new ordinance.

“Those people are in [the Limited Business District] and the [Waterfront Business District],” she explained. “They are finding that the new ordinances will basically make it impossible for them to rent it short-term any more.”

12 News asked the city how many short-term rentals have already been granted a permit but has not heard back.