NEWPORT, R.I. (WPRI) — There’s a new crosswalk along Harrison Avenue in Newport, but city officials said they weren’t the ones who installed it.

The city said the “crosswalk” poses a safety hazard since it covers the stop bar at the intersection with Roseneath Avenue.

“There’s a stop bar inside the newly painted crosswalk so what that is doing is saying a car should be stopping at that point of the intersection which directly conflicts with the crosswalk which says the pedestrian has the right of way in that area,” said Bill Riccio, Director of Public Services. “The other two issues is a double yellow never goes into a crosswalk and the location they have chosen is not accessible in accordance with the Americans with disabilities act.”

Crews will soon remove it, but until then, drivers and pedestrians are urged to be careful in the area.

People living in the neighborhood say Harrison Avenue is a high-traffic street, and they have concerns because many people walk on the road, and this corner is a school bus stop.

“It’s in good spirit it’s to keep a safe way across the street. I know the neighbors, in general, want a crosswalk there’s always been one here so why wouldn’t they want it,” said Andrew Parsons, Harrison Avenue Resident.

According to the City of Newport, the original crosswalk was removed just before 2020 after they reworked the intersection due to visibility issues with the stop sign.

The Director of Public Services explains although a crosswalk is not necessarily a “traffic calming” feature Harrison Avenue will be looked at to try to crack down on unsafe driving. 

The city said residents who have a traffic-related inquiry can reach out to their Ward Council or fill out a formal request with the City’s Interdepartmental Traffic Committee.