BRISTOL, R.I. (WPRI) — A Warren family is mourning the loss of their beloved dog after a quick stay at a kennel turned into a tragedy.

Steve and Joy Quigley tell 12 News Milo was the best dog who loved his toys and swimming in the pool.

“I think at the kennel too, they thought he was like a puppy,” Joy said. “People didn’t know he was 11.”

Milo (Courtesy: Steve and Joy Quigley)

Milo also enjoyed visiting Leaders of the Pack on Metacom Avenue and playing with other dogs.

The Quigleys recently boarded Milo for two nights at the Bristol kennel, not realizing that it would be the last time they would see their dog alive.

According to a police report given to 12 News by the Quigleys, another dog attacked Milo at the kennel two hours before they were supposed to pick him up.

“One day I’m bringing him there and then two days later he’s gone,” Steve recalled.

When the kennel called and told Steve that Milo had died, he couldn’t believe it.

“You’re sending your dog there to be taken care of, like a child,” Steve said.

The police report states that a kennel employee was preparing the dogs’ morning meals while they all played outside together. When that employee turned around, she saw another dog had grabbed Milo by the throat.

The employee immediately separated the dogs before rushing back to Milo’s side as he took his last breath, the report continues.

Leader of the Pack owner Tina Leocadio described the situation as a nightmare.

“I’m heartbroken for them. I’m heartbroken for all of them,” Leocadio said. “Every dog that comes in that kennel I know. I personally know.”

Leocadio tells 12 News she stands by her employee, adding that this is the first time something like this has happened.

“She didn’t do anything wrong,” Leocadio explained. “She didn’t do anything different that I wouldn’t have done myself.”

The dog that attacked Milo is being held at the Bristol Animal Shelter under quarantine until Aug. 30. The police report states that the department has informed the Rhode Island Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of the incident and has requested a vicious dog hearing.

Leocadio said the dog that attacked Milo had snapped at staff before when they tried to clip his nails, but had never shown any other signs of aggression.

Police said neither dog had any official record of aggression, and the incident remains under investigation.

As for Milo’s family, the Quigleys tell 12 News home doesn’t feel the same without their precious dog.

“It’s guilt we felt,” Joy said.

“For bringing him there,” Steve added. “We feel like we killed him by bringing him there.”