NEWPORT, R.I. (WPRI) — Local businesses got a boost from the crowds at the Newport Folk Festival this weekend.

Vendors said the concert-goers were not discouraged by the heat wave that caused 90º+ temperatures throughout the weekend.

Mark Bryson, owner of Binge BBQ and Duck Press, said the heat was a challenge for their operations.

“Staff-wise, people are having to take breaks in the refrigerated cooler, and I just keep hydrated.” Bryson said. “That’s been more of the issue.”

The festival, which has run for more than 60 years, sold out. Bryson told 12 News a combination of supply chain issues and the large crowds caused them to run low of some ingredients.

“We were running to like Shaw’s and markets for ingredients that our purveyors didn’t get to us,” Bryson added.

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Jill Plaziak of the Newport Chowder Company said the crowd was high energy, making the hot day more bearable.

“Honestly, it’s been super hot but the breeze is very nice and we have a beautiful view so can’t complain,” Plaziak said.

The event, held at Fort Adams State Park, ran from Friday to Sunday. The festival had high-profile surprise performers join. Paul Simon of Simon & Garfunkel surprised the crowd on Friday night. During Brandi Carlile’s set on Sunday, Joni Mitchell joined.

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