BRISTOL, R.I. (WPRI) — A custodian at an elementary school in Bristol is being called a hero thanks to his quick thinking skills.

Bobby Santos has worked at Guiteras School for the past five years and helps supervise lunch in the cafeteria. Luckily, he was standing in the right place at the right time last Thursday.

“Kids will be kids and talking and laughing and one child swallowed his food, and it went down the wrong tube,” Santos recalled.

Principal Christine Hughes said the child signaled they were choking and a teacher in the cafeteria was alarmed and yelled out for help.

“Bobby quickly moved in and assessed the situation, went behind the child, administered the Heimlich maneuver and it was a very long minute,” Hughes said.

Santos, a Bristol native, told 12 News he was very nervous.

“It was at least 60 seconds and he was having trouble breathing as I was giving the Heimlich you could hear there was no air coming out,” he recalled. “Eventually he ended up breathing and I was relieved, happy, and he was happy.”

Hughes said it was a very emotional time.

“The children went quiet around the area and we were so relieved that the child is OK,” she said. “Afterwards, students who reflected on [the situation] told a teacher that they knew everything was going to be OK because Mr. Bobby was there.”

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The relationship between the child and Mr. Bobby has grown since the incident, Hughes added.

“We actually high-five each other, he says ‘good morning Mr. Bobby,’ but I’ve always had a good relationship with him,” Santos said. “If I am in the cafeteria he will give me a fist bump and make sure he will say hello and go out of his way to speak to me more.”

He says the best part of the job is working with the students.

“I’m not a hero or anything I’m just a human being that cares about people and that is all it is,” he said.

Santos and Hughes want to encourage others to become CPR-certified so they too can save someone’s life.