BRISTOL, R.I. (WPRI) — A couple from Fall River is facing charges after they allegedly stole at least four catalytic converters and sold them in Pawtucket, according to the Rhode Island Attorney General’s office.

The alleged incident happened back on Oct. 15 in Shannon Court, which houses several businesses.

Around 2 a.m, surveillance footage shows an SUV park in the Vista Metals lot, and a man is then seen walking near F&S Electric. The SUV picks up the man and leaves 45 minutes later as he’s pulling a cart down Ballou Boulevard.

Investigators later discovered that on the same day, six converters were sold to a recycling plant in Pawtucket, and they further discovered the converters matched the makes of the vehicles in Bristol they were stolen from.

Police contacted the woman who was listed on the transaction before learning her neighbor, 42-year-old Faith Pineault, had allegedly stolen her identity. Police also believe the matching SUV from the surveillance footage belonged to Pineault’s boyfriend, 41-year-old Jason Gagnon.

Rhode Island State Police arrested Pineault and Gagnon on Nov. 28. They’re each charged with four counts of larceny over $1,500, four counts of tampering with a vehicle, and one count of conspiracy to commit larceny.  They’re due back in court on Sept. 14.