PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WPRI) — A brand new compassion center is coming to Pawtucket next week.

Mother Earth Wellness will officially open its doors to patients on Nov. 21.

The compassion center bills itself as the “premier destination in Rhode Island for all cannabis needs.”

The newly renovated facility features a 40-strain scent bar, terpene sampling station, indoor waterfall and private consultation space.

In addition to in-person purchases, the compassion center will offer online order reservations and curbside pick-up.

Mother Earth, which has been cultivating medical cannabis since it was first founded in 2017, will be selling its own products as well as products from more than 60 local cannabis cultivators.

The new compassion center has created more than 100 new jobs in Pawtucket to date, according to Mother Earth. It was the final applicant in the state to receive a medical marijuana dispensary license from the Department of Business Regulation (DBR).

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The dispensary is located on Esten Avenue in the same building as the owners’ other business, Kitchen and Countertop of New England.

Even though the compassion center plans to start selling recreational cannabis come December, as is required by state law, Mother Earth said it “will always be a patient-first facility.”

“We’re very excited to bring a first-class dispensary experience to the patients of Rhode Island and give them a fresh look at cannabis,” owner Joseph Pakuris said.

None of the state’s compassion centers are licensed to sell recreationally yet, though the DBR confirms that five of the state’s six facilities have applied for a hybrid license, including Mother Earth.

The DBR expects to process those applications prior to Dec. 1, which is when compassions centers can begin legally selling recreational cannabis.

The new compassion center will be open seven days a week.