PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WPRI) — The city of Pawtucket disbursed back pay last week to the officer acquitted of all charges in an off-duty shooting.

Mayor Donald Grebien said Daniel Dolan was awarded $123,934 — which was deposited into his bank account as one payment on Friday.

Dolan was suspended without pay while on trial, but once acquitted, his status changed to suspended with pay. His original salary of $71,888 was also reinstated.

Grace Voll, a spokesperson for Grebien, tells 12 News that after taxes and withholdings, Dolan received closer to $70,000 in back pay.

Despite his acquittal, the city moved to fire Dolan on Thursday. Grebien said while his actions were deemed not criminal by a court, they were still inappropriate.

Members of the Pawtucket state delegation announced Tuesday they were also backing Grebien’s decision.

“The 2021 shooting, along with previous incidents of misconduct, raise serious concerns about Officer Dolan’s fitness to serve our city,” the delegation said in a statement. “Pawtucket residents deserve a police department that operates with the highest standards of professionalism and accountability. Addressing officer misconduct is key to building trust between our police department and the wider community.”

Dolan, 40, was found not guilty in January of shooting 18-year-old Dominic Vincent in 2021.

The officer claimed he saw Vincent speeding on the highway and followed him into a West Greenwich parking lot. He testified that Vincent attempted to reverse out of the parking lot, prompting Dolan to draw his gun out of fear he was going to be run over.

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