PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WPRI) — The city of Pawtucket has unveiled a new playground designed for children of all physical and mental abilities.

“Everyone’s Playground” officially opened at Curvin-McCabe Elementary School on Wednesday.

The school was selected because it did not already have a playground and is in a central location, according to the Pawtucket School Department. It also has a large population of special needs students who would benefit from the accessible playground.

The playground features smaller, more intimate spaces to prevent sensory overload. It also encourages multi-sensory play.

“This playground is more than just a collection of swings, slides and climbing structures,” Pawtucket Superintendent Patricia Royal said. “It is a symbol of our commitment to fostering an inclusive society where no child is left behind.”

The playground, which includes plenty of ramps for easier access, cost roughly $1.2 million to build.