PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WPRI) — When Alec Cerullo moved his mother out of a Pawtucket nursing home last month, he noticed that her clothing, sneakers, glasses and cell phone were missing.

And not only that — Cerullo claims it was the second time that Oak Hill Center lost some of her belongings.

After going back and forth with the facility and feeling like there was no progress, Cerullo reached out to 12 Responds for help.

“That’s when I decided to get in touch with you, when they wouldn’t answer my calls no more,” he said.

According to Cerullo, Oak Hill had to replace his mother’s phone and glasses after they were lost about four months ago.

12 Responds reached out to the center on Friday, and they said they’ll either replace or cut a check for the additional missing items, which are valued at more than $700.

A spokesperson for the center issued a statement saying that residents’ belongings don’t go missing often, but it happens from time to time.

“Because of this missing items incident, Oak Hill Center is putting together a new ‘missing items checklist’ system where both clinical and non-clinical personnel will have access to so everyone can be on the same page about residents’ items,” the spokesperson wrote.

Cerullo said his mother Gloria lived at Oak Hill Center for several months. He described her as a kind person who loves to bake.

“She will do anything for you,” he added. “She helped me out a lot.”

Cerullo said he’s still waiting to hear from Oak Hill Center before he decides whether he wants to take the payment or have the items replaced.

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